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Transitioning from a two-car couple to a two-ebike couple

Contemplating life after retirement (while still working): What am I going to do with ALL that time? E-biking is one of the ways we remain busy and stay active!

We had always been a two-car family until black smoke belched from beneath the hood and one of our cars was pronounced DOA by a local mechanic. Decision #1 was made to downsize to a single vehicle; not too difficult with one of us working from home and the other working part-time in a neighboring city. While the rhythm of sharing came easy, there were times when the someone at home needed to run to the bank or wanted to grab lunch or a coffee, which lead to Decision #2, purchase two e-bikes. The spouse was first, buying a fully loaded e-trike known for its stability and balance, areas of weakness for him. He is quick to say “I can’t walk far before experiencing discomfort, but I can ride for miles and feel great.” Within a few months, a second e-bike (2 wheel) was purchased and with it came a new opportunity for shared recreation, a way to increase our life space and revisit local areas of interest. We map out adventures to the beach and parks. We run errands, and I even use it to commute to work one day each week, replacing my normal, passive means of transportation. We commune with nature, get our legs moving, and enjoy time (and snacks) together.

Complete bliss gifted us for the first 6 months, and over 1000 miles, of riding. Then came that first unexpected flat about 8 miles from home, prompting us to fire up the brains and work together to solve our dilemma. Weighing in at around 120 lbs, the trike is too heavy for us to pick up. While equipped with a small pump, we had no spare tube nor the knowledge or dexterity needed to fix the flat. Our one vehicle is roomy but not configured for this hulking machine. We called a few mobile bike repair numbers, no answer. We reached out to AAA, 50+ year members, but their roadside service does not cover bikes. After a few dreadful hours of despair, we found a flat bed tow company that could transport the bike and its rider home, but we still had that flat to fix.

Thinking came easier once cozy at home. I discovered The Better World Club, who offers roadside service for bikes, for a modest annual fee. We found a great mobile bike tech and quickly became friends. And we faced head on the realities of taking to the streets on e-bikes in our late 60’s. With a plan in place, we confidently saddle up and pedal away frequently.

Embrace your inner child and consider e-bikes as a way to connect with community!

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