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Happy Spring from Rose, Hyacinth and Petunia

At 69, Rose has no green thumb but finds joy in flowers. She greatly admires the loving connection to flora shared by her friends and wonders if she might be able to cultivate this talent one day.

Hyacinth became a flower whisperer just a few years ago and is inspired daily at the age of 102.

Petunia began gardening after retirement, nearly 30 years ago now, and at 94 communes with her plants and flowers almost every day.

Gardening is a hobby that is blind to age. There are various levels of engagement from as little as watering to as much as planting or propagating, feeding and fertilizing, watering, trimming, weeding, and so on. No matter how invested, mastering even one of these tasks will likely yield benefits; such as reduced stress, increased levels of self-esteem, improved physical and psychological wellbeing. The sights and smells evoke emotional effects that often evade physical exercises such as yoga, dance, or golf. And, it has been said that stress levels are lower among older adults engaging in green activities, compared to those who prioritize travel or socialization.

Rose sat down with each of these special ladies to learn more.

Hyacinth shared that for her it started when her daughter gifted her impatiens one Mother’s Day. Within weeks of placing them on a sunny patio, blossoms of pink, purple, and orchid were up and over the edges of their pots. Each morning upon drawing back the patio blinds, she is greeted by thousands of smiling flower faces. Some mornings, hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees join the landscape. With water and a little food comes so much joy. Surprises like this one are commonplace: seeds from a hanging basket of flowers dropped into a planter below adding color to a green plant. Each day brings something new, something special.

Petunia cultivates a larger area, and this space nourishes her heart and soul. From the classroom to the backyard, this retiree transformed a drab landscape into a healing garden. These days she battles sore knees and stiff joints to keep her masterpiece thriving. On inside days, she, like Hyacinth, plants herself somewhere cozy and gazes at a piece of nature’s beauty where she has played a role.

Both these ladies cannot imagine life without their beautiful flowers. Together they have inspired Rose to give it a go. Who out there wants to take on a new challenge?

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